Work towards the splits, or hanumanasana, in this hamstring opening flow class. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap


Mar M.


My hamstrings have been particularly tight since doing a HIIT class two days ago, and this class really helped to open them up. I feel so much better now! Mia's cadence and instructions are always the best. Awesome sequence too.

Fernanda D.


I really got tired but this sequence is awesome. Thanks a lot Mia...I was dead but I could do the best hanumasana ever! You are amazing!

Jami W.


Such a smooth and fun class. Just what I needed. Thank you Mia.

Bridget T.


i'm working on hamstrings and this class was great

Annette R.


This class is a very good class, Unfortunately everytime i try to take it, the stream stops on me with about 10 o 15 more minutes left. Would love to be able to complete it!

Heather M.


This practice was everything I was looking for today. Mindful & focused, builds heat and covers a variety of poses with a focus on stretching the hamstrings and lower body. I really enjoyed practicing with a goal in mind, Hanumanasana, and feeling accomplished by the end. I also enjoyed the insight about the monkey god!

Betsy L.


This was exactly what I needed after a run, swim, kayak day ! Great voice , nice cues

Thank you

Lily K.


great sequence in preparation for the final pose! loved it!


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