This is a hard vinyasa flow class that focuses on hip opening arm balances.


Sara S.


Another 5 star class from Jesse. Didn't want it to end! I did miss the sun B and core sequences, but great when you're short on time. Can't beat the sophistication and depth achieved in just 43 min.

Jennifer S.


She does a great job talking us through the poses, while reminding us to breathe and to keep our hands and feet grounded and solid. Thanks, Jesse!

Leila K.


Great flow sequence, love Jesse's classes!

Jamie A.


This was a great class. Intelligent flow with playful challenges.

ronny k.


wish it was longer, I could have kept going longer, such a nice practice:)

Julie w.


Love the combo of hip opening and arm balancing!

Sandra S.


I felt like I was expanding my practice with this flow, but at the same time I felt great afterwards, not frustrated that I couldnt do some of the poses fully.

MacKenzie S.


Love the balance between hip openers and arm balances


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