Stretch and strengthen your arms, legs and hips so that you feel grounded and vibrant. Recommended props: 1 block


Beth S.


Great all around class - definitely stretchy AND strengthening ! A great mix of challenge and quiet/recovery moments

Katie R.


And good instruction. The arm balances are challenging for me!

Lori T.


Erin knows her stuff. Perfect balance of challenge calm stretch breath. Been practicing for 30 years and she is one of the finest teachers on the site.

Marianne K.


Terrific class and great instruction. Perfect start to my day!

Amanda M.


Maybe it was because I struggled to focus, but I found the first half of the class to be pretty boring... vinyasa, plank hold, repeat. I was glad I stayed with it because the hip openers that followed were nice. However, I had hoped for a more unique class given the length.

Bink I.


thank you so much

Karie L.


This was a great intermediate class that I'll definitely repeat. The one thing I found unpleasant was the wide variation in volume; sometimes the instruction was so loud that it hurt my ears, and other times it was so quiet I was straining to hear it. I suspect it had to do at least in part with the proximity of the teacher's mouth to the microphone. I wonder if MyYogaWorks can do anything electronically to make the volume more consistent throughout the class so that practitioners don't have to keep jumping out of the sequence to adjust the volume level on their devices.

Maria L.


Amazing class..Thank you Erin!

Anne K.


Erin instructs clearly in her calm voice, leading us to open hips and grounded spirits. Level 3 arm balances are offered, but they are optional. Definitely will take her class again!

Stephanie T.


Erin's class is exactly what I was hoping for on this stormy night. Her voice, and her practice definitely left me feeling more grounded and vibrant.

Lyndsey H.


Always enjoy Erin's class,mchallenging and definitive.

Cathy H.


Erin teaches with compassion and clarity. This is a beautiful class.


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