This deep hip and hamstring opening sequence leads to tortoise pose. Recommended props: 1 block


Erika R.


Breathing is too fast during sun salutations, makes you rush into it rather than riding on the breath wave and finding strength and ease at the same time .

Rachel J.


This was great! Another tool I can use to get my right hamstrings to open just a little more. Couldn’t do the final pose all the way yet. Also the final round of sun salutes came up fast so be prepared to move!

Karen L.


I had done a search for a 30 minute class that focused on hamstrings but had the benefit of "calming." This was one of the classes that came up in the results. I was looking for a Yin class, and this is anything but. There are several sun salutes B to "build heat," and while there is nothing wrong with that, the class is mislabeled as one whose benefit is calming. That being said, I liked the sequence and the focus on hamstrings as mine are always tight.


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