Level 2

Lower Body Blast

Patti Quintero
24 min
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Increase flexibility throughout your lower body while keeping the muscles strong and active.


Rachel J.


My legs were shaking during this workout!! Reminded me of a mini bar or Pilates class. Thank you - my hips needed this!

dani D.


I LOVED this! I woke up feeling the burn in the booty that's FOR SURE! Doing this again tonight, no questions asked.

sarah t.


Great little hip blaster! So easy to neglect the outer hips and "cheat" using other muscles, but this isolates them very well.

Claudia C.


After 7 minutes, video not showing...

Maeve M.


Great, not just for the lower body, but core awareness. Really good!

Ursula K.


Sequence had a nice flow to it. A lot of pulsing the legs up and down in certain poses which is always very effective! Starts with simpler, easier poses then progressively becomes more challenging.


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