Strengthen your upper body, then reward yourself with some feel-good stretches to release tension and increase flexibility. If you don't have blocks, use boxes or books. If you don't have a strap, use a belt. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 strap


Caryn T.


If you have any kind of shoulder rotation issues please use caution with the day 4 sequence!

Alycia O.


This video served as a reminder of why I love yoga so much! <3 Left feeling strong, and stretched in the shoulders which was GREATLY needed. Thank you!

Amber H.


Wow these arm movements were seemingly simple but engaged my muscles intensely. This is a good one which I will be doing much more often even after this challenge.

LaQuita H.


This was really fun. I was engaging muscles I didn't know I had while doing the chatarunga (lower 1", exhale and push up to plank!!) WOOO!! I felt it the the next day (today)

Victoria G.


I knew I wasn't very good at chatarunga but I didn't know how wrong I was doing it! I now know the all the proper muscle groups to be engaging and working. I will use these shoulder and arm strengthening exercises all the time to improve my chatarunga and other arm balances. Thank you, Alexandria!

Jessica R.


This is a great morning workout. I always ha tight shoulders in the morning and since having my right shoulder injury I haven't been able to do much with them. But this little workout stretched and worked my shoulders in a comfortable way. Thank you =D

Danielle L.


Thank you for the shoulder strengthening! Really really needing this. As well as the stretching... my chest feels more open and my shoulders and neck less tense.

adriana C.


Love it!! Felt great!!

Jennifer H.


good challenge...


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