Strengthen your upper and lower body throughout your pregnancy. Recommended props: 1 blanket, 1 bolster


Christine S.


Pace is pretty slow, even for someone in third trimester. I thought this was not challenging in any way. not for an athlete.

Rebecca K.


I love how this video contains all of the things I want to focus on (arms, butt) but makes the movements fun and flowing. I especially like the arm work at the beginning and the squats at the end - they are hard to do but you feel almost like you're in a moving meditation. Thanks Patti!

Djael M.


In this video, Patti subtly pushes you to work arm muscles with small chatarungas and dolphin pose but also the gluteus through simple cardio and squats. Just the right amount of effort to start to morning or release stress from the day. Thank you Patti!


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