Start in tadasana, and then search for the alignment points of this foundational pose throughout the rest of this fun, challenging and rigorous flow class. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 strap


Maritza W.


VERY sweaty and challenging, but room for modification on the poses where I needed a break. Great workout.

Katherine S.


Lovely class. Good alignment, sweet energy from the teacher.
A true Level 3.

Susan D.


My first Jesse class will definitely NOT be my last. She hit everything and it was challenging in the best way. She convinces you to be strong. THANK YOU Jesse!

Cristina G.


Loved the cuing and philosophy throughout, wrists were a bit sore with all the vinyasas, crows, and flying pigeons

Leila K.


Another wonderful Jesse flow!

Eleonora G.


Loved the sequence, so smart, strong, energising, at the same time grounded and safe! Thank you!

Cori T.


Jesse, I've been a fan since I found one of your classes through my cable service almost a decade ago and I'm grateful to have found you here. I love your instruction and the way you weave thoughtful alignment, challenge, focus, and the sutras together. Your classes always make me feel like I've used my mind and body in congruence. Thank you for being part of my practice!

ronny k.


so so amazing!!!
make new videos please!!!❤

Jacqueline W.


Thank you!

Sara C.


Very few teachers weave vigor with acute presence in the way Jesse does. Awareness cues are laced artfully into intensely challenging sequences, and the postures become a (shaking, burning!!) meditation. I love the heat Jesse cultivates with her sequences and know that whenever I come to the mat to join her for a class, I will leave feeling 100% fulfilled on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Such a gift. Thank you for always reminding me to never take a moment of this practice for granted, Jesse. This is in the "favorites."

Heather C.


I love all your classes Jesse. This is a great addition to the collection. Challenging throughout but I feel great now!

Thank you again.

Shelley W.


I loved the pace, and the cues for alignment. This was an excellent class, with just the right amount of challenge! Thank you Jesse.

Deniz E.


Another great class! I love the consistently challenging and invigorating way that Jesse teaches, I always know I will come away from the practice feeling like I have worked hard and enjoyed myself! Thank you for this great new class!!!

Michelle R.


I was so excited to see a new Jesse seems like forever since there's been a new one. All of hers are fabulous and this one didn't disappoint!

Sandra S.


So happy to see Jesse's new class this morning! It is invigorating and includes her signature humor and wisdom. Thank you. I feel fabulous after this practice!


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