Level 2

Short Daily Flow

Patti Quintero
35 min
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A well rounded flow yoga class that builds heat, strength and flexibility for when you don't have much time. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 blanket, 1 strap


Varsha S.


Perfect for a shorter practice. Thank you Patti, for your zen style with a strong, satisfying flow.

Barbara L.



Katie K.


I do this class about once a week. Well-rounded enough to warm you up for your day, but not to strenuous.

Dina F.


Loved the sequencing and balance of flow and stretch. Perfect level 2 practice.

Megan M.


Has everything I love! All the basics, but gets you moving. Excellent.

Martha F.


This was my go to class for getting back into yoga after a few months away (beginner classes were boring, and full length level 2s were too strenuous). The poses are held long enough to (re)build strength, and the class is short enough that you can't overdo it. Patti's pacing is perfect for my breathing, and allows time to focus on alignment. Really glad to have found this one.

Julia C.


Was expecting this class to be a little faster paced with "flow" in the title. Surprisingly challenging at times. I worked up a sweat. Wish there would have been another modifier for those of us who can't do a half wrap yet.

Irene R.


My first level 2 class. Great instruction. Thank you

Carolyn C.


Timing was just right, loved the inclusions of the twists - felt great on this 10th day of the summer challenge!

Carrie H.


I like Patti's calm voice with continual instruction creating a great flow and speed. Perfet along with a brisk walk!

Lauren C.


Just - Ahhhh

Leigh R.


Can't say enough good things about this class. Perfect if you don't have a full 60-90 minutes but still want to build some heat with a well-rounded practice. It's relaxing but still challenging and leaves you feeling perfectly aligned and open. Thanks Patti!

Gina H.


Just what I needed after a 2 week hiatus! Thank you!!!

Michelle R.


This is one of my favorites. Gentle enough to do right before bed and would also be a perfect post-run practice.

Julie L.


Pattis detailed flow of consciousness and clarity of communication is profoundly spoken in this video

Vanessa R.


Lovely mellow flow to start the day. Would be a nice easy way to unwind from the day as well. Pattis voice and instruction is soothing and relaxing. Builds a quiet energy - easy to get into first thing in the morning.

Merrisa D.


This is a great quick flow. Mellow and slower but you definitely build heat and feel amazing afterwards!

Michelle S.


I think everyone is pressed for time and I found this session to be gentle but energizing. I enjoy Patti Quinteros soothing voice and teaching manner. This is the perfect morning session for me.

Kaitlyn M.


A great way to get back to practice after a few weeks off- strong, stabilizing and centering.

Adam G.


A great flow for waking up a starting the day.

Kathy S.


The videos wont load on my iPad in WiFi. What is causing this?


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