Level 2

Stand and Deliver

David Kim
53 min
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Every pose is only as good as its foundation! Secure your foundation in this challenging class that focuses on balance poses. Recommended props: 1 strap


Meghan C.


I have done a lot of level 2 classes, and this is one of my favorites! Great leg strengthener.

Betania B.


I did not use a block and it worked fine for me. Loved it!

Jennifer M.


I love balancing postures and this was a really great new way to practice them! Really challenging, one of my favorite classes!

Carol S.


Using the blocks was so helpful! Great class!

Dee M.


Wow. That was so challenging! I love standing poses but adding the block was something else. This is a new favourite!

amy s.


A really great class for gaining stability by using the block to strengthen your foundation. As always, David's cues and sequences are excellent. Thank you!

Shannon L.


Love, love LOVE this class! Great cues to make the poses more accessible. thank you.

Ghislaine F.


Thank you for this amazing class. I really enjoyed the contrast between flowing and getting steady.

Patrizia M.


Thoroughly enjoyed this class. Very grounding with a great balance between standing/balancing poses and some good flow. It opened and stabilized my hips while the intense focus in the balancing poses helped my mind to steady and become more present and clear.

Mary N.


I enjoy David Kim's classes so much! This was a super challenge, but his wonderful cues make it totally accessible.

Arwa A.


Not the usual class I would go for...but David Kim is great and this turned out to be an enjoyable class....challenging but not too tough for an intermediate level student :)

Kristen K.


What a challenging, yet extremely rewarding class!! David strikes again with another wonderful session! Thank you!


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