Try Lakshmi’s home practice for times when you need something more mellow, but want to stay connected to the practice, yourself and your breath. Recommended props: 2 blocks




30 minutes but with warm up and pranayama it feels shorter. I needed a little more, but nice mellow class.

ann j.


Thanks for the progression. I needed modification for therapeutic level I am .

Sandra G.


Please, I like more of this feel good practise! Let say 45 or 60 Minutes. Thank you Lakshmi.

Ursula K.


Starts of mildly strong with planks, downward facing dogs, triangles, crescents and prasarita padottanasana, then moves into some much needed hip opening sitting stretches. It finishes off with some light pranayama and, of course, savasana. It accomplishes what it sets out to: keeps you connected with your practice!

Lee N.


Great sequence for meditation prep -- the short pranayama at the is good. Thanks!


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