Open your heart and energize your body and mind with this uplifting Iyengar backbend sequence. Recommended props: 1 chair, 1 blanket, 2 blocks, 1 strap, 1 bolster


Thamiris D.


Wonderful class! I feel renewed! Thank you! Namastê from Brazil!!

Sarah D.


This is the best teacher on here by far. I’ve learned so much, thank you.

Marta S.


Great class! Really helpful poses. As always great instruction with remarkable attention to detail. Thank you...



Perfect heart opening poses! Carrie is always so sweet!

Alex N.


love this class

Vanessa R.


I learned soooooo much. What a great sequence.

Jennifer R.


I find that I am not strong enough to lift my head in last couple of backbends which ends up making my neck a little tense. Is there anything to do to strengthen it or modifications?

Niki R.




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