Connect to your body and move mindfully to prepare for a seated meditation. Recommended props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket, 1 strap


Lien I.


Wonderful class with longer holds that have a meditative quality while building some heat. Like Heather said, great setup for meditation. Thank you Birgitte <3

Varsha S.


Thank you, a good mix of strengthening and calming.

Birgitte K.


Thank you Varsha. I so appreciate your feedback. Namaste, Birgitte

Heather M.


I was looking for a class that was both relaxing and somewhat strengthening. My only hesitation before beginning this class is that perhaps it wouldn't strengthen or stretch enough... but in my opinion it does. Overall it is very relaxing, so definitely not a hardcore workout, but it does provide some work- enough to build some heat, which helps with some of the longer holds of deeper stretches like triangle and others. Great way to set up for a meditation. Very nice.

Aasia K.


very calming!

Amy S.


So nice to take your class! Miss you!

Matilda V.


This practice was so pleasurable! Thank you, Birgitte. I love your soft seriousness in the instructions and that it's no unnecessary talking. That is really helpful for centering and going within. I'll come back to this one!


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