Focus on the areas that grow tighter from biking or spinning with this class that stretches the backs of your legs, lengthens your hip flexors, builds core strength and opens the chest. Recommended props: 1 block, 1 strap


Mary C.


The stretches and instruction are wonderful, but not a level 2

Birgitte K.


Hi Mary, Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I agree with you. Warmest, Birgitte

Maria C.


I loved this class, great combination of hip, shoulders and back work. It is a level 1 class, though, not a level 2

Birgitte K.


Hi Maria, I agree.....not quite a level 2 class. Glad you liked it. Warmest, Birgitte

Katie R.


Lovely class, could feel Birgette's teaching experience as she gracefully and gently led us through opening and strengthening. Lots of good options and teaching points that I'll apply to future yoga & stretching. Will take this class again. Thank you!

Birgitte K.


Hi Katie, Thank you so much for this feedback. Glad you liked the practice. Namaste, Birgitte

Alison C.


Birgitte's instruction is always clear and she has a very soothing voice. This class is more like a level 1, slow paced, and stretching. Not a flow class. Also includes some good core work.

Trudi C.


Brigitte I appreciate your teaching style so much. You have so much knowledge to share. Your voice is so calming. I wish I could do a teacher training with you !!


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