Get ready for snowboarding season with this solid flow class that focuses on the core and getting you ready to hit the slopes. Recommended props: 1 block


Renee S.


Too much talking for me

Carla I.


Mia, this class was made years ago yet your teachings and wisdom are timeless. I really enjoy all of your classes. Even when the focus is more physical, you still manage to intersperse philiosophy and life lessons, and be funny too! Thank you for being the gem that you are. Namaste.

Anne K.


Fantastic flow for the legs and hips! Feel completely renewed. Thanks, Mia!

Jana B.


Can't wait to try the velvet hammer out on the slopes. But not tomorrow...I'll be far too sore tomorrow! Thanks Mia! <3

Minta A.


Amazing, hardcore leg sequence! Loved the tie into snowboarding as I am an avid boarder myself ;)

Michelle R.


I'm not a snow boarder or a skier but really enjoyed this practice and I still benefited from it. It was one of the more challenging sequences on this site. There was much quad work along with some very nice stretches. Thank you Mia!


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