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Santa Monica

2215 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405  |  (424) 322-0229

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YogaWorks Santa Monica - Main Street

About the studio

YogaWorks Main Street is one of the world’s pre-eminent yoga studio locations. Offering some of the best yoga classes available by yoga’s most recognized instructors for 30+ years. A yoga institution, be part of the magic that makes Main Street home to incredible classes by incredible teachers. Now livestreaming classes so you can take them from the comfort of your home even when you can’t make it into the studio.
Filming Etiquette

This is a filming studio where classes are livestreamed to an international audience. This means that if you can't make it to the studio, you can stream the live class in the convenience of your own home! If you do not want to be on film, please ask the front desk where to place your mat.

Studio Amenities

Getting Here

The studio is located 3 blocks South of Pico, between Pacific and Strand, on the east side of the street.



Two-hour metered parking is also available on the streets and in local city lots.


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