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Experience our signature, world-renowned YogaWorks Yoga classes that blend alignment, breathwork, and movement for a full mind-and-body practice you can’t find anywhere else.

What is YogaWorks Yoga?

YogaWorks Yoga is our very own style of yoga. This full-on mind, body, and soul experience combines the structure of Ashtanga Yoga, the pace of invigorating Vinyasa flows, and the emphasis on alignment like Iyengar Yoga.

YogaWorks Yoga classes strengthen your body through traditional asanas, cleansing twisting and balancing sequences, inversions, and core-engaging postures. Then, we slow down and reset with restorative supine asanas.

Exhilarating Backbends

5 Minute Shoulders

Pressing into Tripod from Wide-Legged Forward Fold

Why You’ll Love YogaWorks Yoga

This signature style breathes life into the proprietary method used as the foundation for our YogaWorks Teacher Training. Our carefully-instructed flow observes a distinct approach to sequencing – and breaks down each asana with particular attention to detail.

Whether you want to create a strong foundation for your yoga practice, or truly challenge yourself with advanced inversions, YogaWorks Yoga classes have something for everyone. During class, you will experience:

  • The perfect combination of breathwork and movement
  • Thoughtful, well-sequenced instruction
  • Modifications for every body type and background

What to Expect

Your experience with YogaWorks Yoga should be similar regardless of the teacher. Your class will be a safe, inspiring, and engaging space for you to explore the depth of your yoga practice.

Your YogaWorks Yoga class will be built around a specific theme, culminating with a peak posture and blending the elements of breathwork, balance, and flowing movement. The class will be music-free for an emphasis on the calm connectedness that comes with being fully present.

No matter your level of experience, you can expect to leave your YogaWorks Yoga class feeling energized, balanced, and ready for the day ahead.

Benefits of YogaWorks Yoga

There are many benefits of YogaWorks Yoga for both your mind and body. The dynamic, structured flows help to build strength and endurance while toning your muscles. You can also achieve increased flexibility and better balance by practicing our signature style.

Because YogaWorks Yoga places a heavy emphasis on proper alignment, you can expect to achieve better posture through regular practice. This comes with its own host of benefits, from fewer headaches to decreased lower back pain and increased energy levels.

Regular practice of yoga has also been shown to decrease stress and anxiety, increase mindfulness, and improve your quality of sleep.

Get Started Today

Your first YogaWorks Yoga class with our highly trained, certified instructors is free! Start your explorative journey into the YogaWorks style today.

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FAQs About YogaWorks Yoga

Absolutely. Our Level 1 YogaWorks Yoga classes create the perfect foundation for those who are newer to yoga. We break down each pose to emphasize best practices and proper alignment, so what you learn can be very beneficial if you branch out into other yoga styles.

It depends on your experience! We have four different levels of YogaWorks Yoga classes, so you can pick the one that best suits your experience level. YogaWorks Yoga is not a relaxation course, but it’s not as active as Vinyasa either.

YogaWorks Yoga can offer a challenge to even the most advanced yoga practitioners. Our Level 2-3 YogaWorks Yoga classes are the most advanced offering, designed for experienced practitioners ready to push their practice to the limit.

In our Level 2-3 YogaWorks Yoga classes, you will experience a strong, dynamic flow with numerous opportunities for advanced inversions, backbends, and arm balances.

Although YogaWorks Yoga draws inspiration from Vinyasa Yoga, it is much more structured than the average Vinyasa flow.

In Vinyasa, your yoga teacher has a lot of creative license when it comes to the speed, structure, and style of your class. In fact, you could attend a Vinyasa Yoga class with three different teachers and have a completely unique, enriching experience each time.

With YogaWorks Yoga, you know exactly what to expect before you hit the mat. YogaWorks follows a specific sequence and format that will stay the same no matter whether your teacher is instructing you from Bali or Santa Monica.

We also spend a lot more time examining micro steps between each asana, so you learn how to properly engage your muscles and move your body for proper alignment. As such, YogaWorks Yoga isn’t as swift and active as a Vinyasa flow.