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Yogaworks Yoga

YogaWorks yoga is our signature style, which breathes to life the proprietary method used as the foundation for YogaWorks Teacher Training. YogaWorks yoga is a vinyasa-based, carefully-instructed flow that observes a distinct approach to sequencing and breaks down the poses with particular attention to detail.

Strategically & Intelligently Sequenced Classes

YogaWorks Yoga

What makes the YogaWorks style of yoga unique?

YogaWorks yoga classes are instructed by best-in-class instructors trained to create a safe, inspiring, engaging space for yogis of all levels to explore the depths of their own practice. Classes are usually built around a specific theme, culminating with a peak posture and blending the essential elements of breathwork, balance and flowing movement.

YogaWorks yoga is a full on mind, body, soul experience. It strengthens the body with the use of traditional poses, invigorating vinyasa flows, twisting and balancing sequences, inversions, core engagement and restorative supine postures to slow down and reset.

YogaWorks yoga classes are music-free for an emphasis on the calm connectedness that comes with being fully present. Like many of our other offerings, YogaWorks yoga classes range in level from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

The YogaWorks level 1 class was a wonderful experience, not intimidating at all.

Why You Should Try a YogaWorks Yoga Class

Level 1 YogaWorks yoga classes are carefully cued to create the perfect foundation for those who are newer to yoga. Poses are broken down for emphasis on alignment and best practices, and with the use of props and modifications, beginners can expect a fine-tuned, accommodating foray into the YogaWorks style of yoga.

Level 1-2 YogaWorks classes are a similar style and format to Level 1 classes, but sprinkle in a few intermediate poses for those looking to expand their practice and try new things.

Level 2 YogaWorks classes are an intermediate offering recommended for yogis who are comfortable in a Level 1 class and ready for a more robust flow. Yogis progress through the poses more fluidly and are given the opportunity to explore intermediate balances, inversions and backbends.

Level 2-3 YogaWorks classes are our most advanced studio offering, designed for experienced practitioners ready to push their practice to the limit. Level 2-3 classes feature a strong, dynamic flow with numerous opportunities for advanced inversions, backbends and arm balances.