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Welcome to Rest and Digest Resets w/ Jillian Pransky

Join Jillian for a short practice series into the “anatomy” of rest and digest and work with stress and relaxation through practices that focus on the psoas, diaphragm, and vagus nerve.

In this series, we’ll explore how well-being is not only a top down (brain to body) game, but more importantly a process we can initiate from the bottom up (body to brain). We’ll cover a little basic anatomy, as well as flow through slow mindful movement, breathing practices, awareness tools, as well as extended restorative poses.

You’ll practice releasing gut and overall bodily tension—through practices that support a supple psoas, free flowing diaphragm, and toned vagus nerve—all help to decrease the body’s stress response by dampening the sympathetic nervous system and enhancing the parasympathetic response. Plus, these practices bolster overall well-being, including the nervous system and all of the systems that influence health and healing.

Each practice opens with an introduction followed by a breath-based mindful movement flow that will support release and ease, and finish with a longer Restorative to allow time for deeper grounding and expanding into a sense of spaciousness. Lastly, these practices not only help us feel more at ease, but when we are more relaxed, it ups the odds that we will have a more nourishing impact on all those we come into contact with. May we remember, our practices ripple out through our lives.