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Nutrition Over 40

Women aging smart is my new obsession. I have always made smart choices regarding nutrition with the occasional indulge on this or that. This is normal and I am not a fan of restricting. I have the burger and fries if I want to. Lets be real, you have to enjoy life and food is […]

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Cross Training for Yoga

The health benefits of yoga are vast, numerous and well documented. In addition to the mind/body connection that our practice builds, yoga can incorporate a variety of different fitness elements. Depending on the style that you are drawn to, it can be strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and even more. However, no matter how hard we […]

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11 Signs You Should Finally Enroll in Online Yoga Teacher Training 

Completing your online yoga teacher training enables you to transform lives, build a flexible career, and share your passion with the world.

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The Best Breathing Techniques and Yoga for Stress Relief

If tension and anxiety from stress are undermining your desire for self-care, or even your ability to successfully navigate life and relationships, it’s time to adopt some mindful breathing techniques and yoga for stress relief into your daily routine. 

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Bedtime Yoga Flow: 5 Relaxing Poses to Help You Sleep 

Ending your day with a bedtime yoga practice is a great way to turn off a racing mind, step away from the drama of the day and connect mind, body, spirit, and breath. 

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Susan G. Komen® Launches Restorative Fitness Program for the Breast Cancer Community Led by YogaWorks Instructors

First-ever certified yoga program for breast cancer patients and survivors launches January 2023.

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