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Cultivating Balance On and Off the Mat

Cultivating a sense of balance in our everyday life can seem quite challenging as we oftentimes find ourselves juggling multiple things at once leaving us feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. But what if I told you that the practice of yoga can help you find a deeper sense of harmony and peace that can trickle […]

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Apana Vayu: Letting Go and Remembering Your Wholeness

The Five Pancha Vayus are a concept in yogic philosophy that represent the five movements of vital energy within the body. Each movement governs a specific aspect of the body’s physical and energetic functions, including Apana Vayu, which is the downward-moving energy responsible for the body’s natural processes of elimination and letting go. When exploring […]

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Active to Calm: Why Asana and Pranayama are Important Steps to Cultivating a Meditation Practice

Meditation helps us enter a more open space in our minds and bodies, allowing us to become more present in our day and less affected by dominating thought patterns and untrue storylines that try to disrupt us. However, letting go of continuous thoughts can be challenging. One way to help with this is to start […]

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