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Cultivating Balance On and Off the Mat

Cultivating Balance On and Off the Mat

Cultivating a sense of balance in our everyday life can seem quite challenging as we oftentimes find ourselves juggling multiple things at once leaving us feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. But what if I told you that the practice of yoga can help you find a deeper sense of harmony and peace that can trickle into your everyday life? Follow along as I share three practices that have helped me cultivate a deeper sense of presence, harmony and peace on and off the mat. I hope they serve you!

When in Doubt, Breathe it Out!

Pranayama, the ancient yogic practice of breath control, is the cornerstone for helping us navigate unsteady and choppy terrains on and off the mat. Our breath has the power to ground us in the present moment while we are holding a challenging pose or dealing with something stressful in our lives.

Next time you step on your mat, pay attention to your breath. Focus on taking even and intentional breaths to help soothe your central nervous system and help you feel more connected to yourself. This will help foster a strong mind-body connection that is crucial when it comes to balancing on one leg in, like in tree pose.

Are you breathing? I bet you are not! I am definitely not. So here we go, breathe in for 4,3,2,1, breathe out for 4,3,2,1. Much better, yeah? That’s the power of our breath, we can call on it at any time, especially off the mat! This simple breathing technique will help you feel more connected to yourself and your intuition so you can better navigate any curveballs life throws your way with a more calm and centered state of being.

Explore Different Styles of Yoga/ Movement.

Yoga is a very diverse practice with different styles, each offering unique benefits.

To foster a more well-rounded yoga practice, consider exploring different styles of yoga. You might enjoy the restorative feeling you get from Yin, you might really love the juicy and creative flow of a Vinyasa class, or perhaps it’s the meditative pace of Hatha? You never know unless you try! I invite you to try a new class, mix it up, to balance it out. Check out our extensive library of classes, with new ones being added daily here.

Off the mat, consider applying the same level of openness to experiencing more diversity in your life. Be open trying new restaurants, new hobbies, new jobs, new cities. Life is short, diversify your experiences, you deserve to experience and explore all this world has to offer. Plus, embracing diversity in our experiences is known to lead to a healthier, more balanced and fulfilled life, so you have nothing to lose!

Cultivate Self-Compassion

As we continue on the pursuit of seeking balance, it’s important to treat ourselves kindly and cultivate more self-compassion both on and off the mat.

On the mat, this looks like listening to your body and honoring your limitations. Be kind to yourself as your body begins to release the tension and tightness you might be carrying. Practice romanticizing your practice, enjoying every breath, every pose, every transition, adn this gift you get to experience your body moving, breathing, healing- adopting this mindset will help you appreciate the little things in your life that make you feel whole, balanced and complete.

Off the mat, consider extending this same level of compassion to your daily life. Honor the message and signals your body is giving you. Listen to your intuition, it will guide you in the right direction. Practice being fully present and romanticizing your life by enjoying the little things like that first sip of coffee, the sun kissing your face, your pup snuggling at your feet. Being kind to yourself, listening to your inner guidance and staying present will help foster a deeper sense of meaning and connection which leads to a more balanced and enriched life. Win-win!

In conclusion, finding balance on and off the mat is a continuous practice that invites us to be more present and connected so we can experience more harmony and peace. Next time you are feeling unsteady, consider getting grounded in your breath, diversifying your practice and experiences, and treating yourself kindly.


One response to “Cultivating Balance On and Off the Mat”

  1. Alex W. says:

    Finding harmony between the poses on the mat and the rhythm of life off the mat is an art – a dance where mindfulness meets motion. Embrace the ebb and flow, breathe through challenges, and let the practice guide you to a balanced existence both within and beyond the yoga studio. Namaste.

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