Yoga while Traveling


Yoga while traveling can be complicated given being in a new environment, lack of tools you’re used to, and not having access to your teachers. Also, it’s challenging to keep a schedule when you’re on vacation from it.

Do not fret. Now is easier than you might imagine to keep up your yoga practice, and you might just need it even more than you think you do.

Here are five tips to keep up your yoga practice when you’re away from home.

Bring essentials with you, if you must.

For me, I often travel with my yoga strap. It’s a great strap and I love it. I also bring my eye pillow because it’s a personal item that touches my face. Aside from that, what’s the point of traveling with so many things? When we travel light, we’re practicing nonattachment. Even though students have called me the Queen of Props, the truth is that enjoying a class with different or no props is a nice change and experience for my body. When in doubt, remember that two pillows make for a great bolster, books work well for blocks, and rolled towels are great for eye coverings and blankets.

Take your teachers with you with on demand classes.

There is a reason on demand is so popular. You can take all of your favorite teachers’ classes whenever you want. Create a playlist of your top 10 classes and have them at the ready whenever you want to practice. I like to have a variety because travel is stressful, so my normal active class may not work for me at that time. Meditation, breathwork, and short Restorative practices are great for a nervous system reset and you can do them anywhere. Yin and Slow Flow are great to work out stiffness from travel and require few props. A rigorous vinyasa class will help reset your internal clock if you’re time zone jumping. Remember to choose shorter classes, because you’ll have less time than planned, and to craft a little sanctuary for your practice in your temporary space.

Do your practice wherever you are.

Commit to a practice, even if it’s just one day of your trip, and do it in the environment. Enjoying a few sun salutations at the base of the Eiffel Tower, savasana at Stonehenge and meditating at Machu Picchu is not only memory-making, but also a wonderful way to integrate into the new landscape. Remember to practice with joy instead of obligation for the best results.

It’s incredibly hard to interrupt your practice and come back to it, so it’s actually easier to just keep it going. You might need to shift some things, though, which brings us to the next point.

Set up a new schedule.

You are likely not going to take your 5:30PM favorite class, so don’t hold yourself to that. Instead, create a new schedule that’s more realistic, like a 20 minute yoga snack while waiting for breakfast. It’s a lot easier to practice first thing in the morning before all the fun begins.

Practice yoga off the mat.

When traveling, you’re likely not going to be at your best… initially. Practicing kindness, breathwork, and meditation will help get your mind right when you’re stressed. The first aspect of yoga, way before we get to movement, is right relationship with others. Being a little kinder, practicing nonharm while in traffic, experiencing flight delays, and talking with those who are helping at hotels and the airport, is a wonderful way to practice your yoga off the mat.

Being kind to yourself is practicing nonharm while you’re in a different schedule, location, and routine is essential to enjoying yoga while you’re traveling. Even if that’s the only thing you do, that’s your yoga.