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Cultivating Balance On and Off the Mat

Cultivating a sense of balance in our everyday life can seem quite challenging as we oftentimes find ourselves juggling multiple things at once leaving us feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. But what if I told you that the practice of yoga can help you find a deeper sense of harmony and peace that can trickle […]

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Restorative Yoga vs. Yin Yoga

In my opinion, all great yoga is restorative. It restores you back to yourself. But let’s not confuse that with the distinct styles of yoga Restorative and Yin Yoga. And please don’t think they are the same. I have taken numerous classes that were called one of those titles but wasn’t the actual practice. Unfortunately […]

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The Benefits of Slow Movements: Embracing Strength, Balance, and Serenity

In today’s fast-paced world, where every moment seems to be in a rush, the concept of slowing down may appear counterintuitive. However, the benefits of embracing slow movements, whether in physical exercises or daily activities, are profound and multifaceted. One of the key advantages of slow movement lies in the realm of strength training. Contrary […]

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The Basics of Getting Strong and Sculpted: Building a Foundation for Success

Strength is a fundamental component of fitness, and whether you’re an athlete aiming to improve your performance, a fitness enthusiast looking to “tone up”, or someone simply wanting to be functional in your daily life, getting stronger is essential. However, many people are unsure where to start or what the basics of getting strong entail. […]

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Making Time for Your Yoga Practice as a Busy Mom

Mom! Maaaaa! Mommy! Mom? Moooooooom! I need…What is a Busy Mom you ask? If you have to ask, you need to keep that to yourself. It is most definitely, “If you Know you Know.” I can empathize and attest with the never ending and growing to do lists, the dirty house, the pick ups, the […]

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How to Practice Bow Pose and Its Benefits

Bow Pose, also known as Dhanurasana, is a powerful yoga posture that offers numerous benefits for the body and mind. This blog entry will guide you through the practice of Bow Pose, explain its energetic and physical benefits, and highlight important contraindications to consider. To practice Bow Pose, follow these steps: Here are some additional […]

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